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Originated from the city of Naples of Italy in 18th century, pizza is one of the popular dishes in the world. The first pizzeria known is the Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba in Naples. But it was made famous by the Raffaele Esposito who created pizza in his restaurant Pizzeria di Pietro in Campania, 1889. He invented the pizza in the occasion of the arriving Italian kind and queen. The only two true pizzas – the Marinara and the Margherita are the famous of all. These two pizzas are still most preferred pizza by the Italians.
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The pizza was later introduced in United States in 19th century by the Italian immigrants. At first it was only limited to the immigrant Italians but later on, everyone else started the consumption of pizza and it slowly became famous. As the time passed, there has been introduction of various types of pizza. The Neapolitan pizzas were typically made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The varieties of pizzas originated from various cities in Italy. Pizza romana, pizza vienesse, pizza capricciosa, pizza Bianca are some of the different varieties of pizzas. While in United States, there were many other types of pizzas that came into existence bearing some resemblance from the Italian pizzas. Chicago made deep-dish pizza, while in Detroit we could find twice-baked style with cheese pizza. New haven style pizza of New York has a very thin crust and added cheese only on customers demand. Nowadays, you can also find frozen pizza in the market which you can later heat it in the oven. There are many restaurants that offer you various types of pizza as for your choice.
 In every city of United States, like if you are in Santa Clara, San Jose, and Campbell of California. You will find many restaurants where you can eat pizza. In lunch or dinner you can order your Pizza in San Jose at your home as they provide you home delivery services as well. You don’t have to wait long for your piece of pizza. You just have to give your orders, over the phone or via online, Fast pizza delivery in San Jose will bring your pizza to your doorstep in no time. Along with pizza you can also enjoy the sodas, Buffalo wings and many other dishes. Pizza, also gives you a lot of health benefits, so don’t worry and enjoy your pizza with your friends and families.

Health and Pizza

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When we think about Pizza, we just can’t resist ourselves from getting a bite out of it. Pizza is a round flat bread with some toppings of tomato sauce, cheese and other varieties of vegetables and sometimes meat. It is baked in the hot ovens generally heated with fire of burning woods. This food is one of the most famous and most consumed food in the modern world. Pizza was invented in Italy, which now can be found in every corner of the world. Pizza is not only a delicious, mouthwatering dish but also has many health benefits upon consumption.
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Generally, a normal pizza is made out of vegetables, bread crust, tomato sauce and cheese. The cheese used is very rich in fats, protein, calcium and sodium. One of the main ingredient of pizza is tomato. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a powerful cancer-fighting antioxidant and immune-boosting Vitamin C. The olive oil enriches the good cholesterol with high-density, energy-rich fatty oils in the body while eliminating the unessential bad cholesterols.  Basils that is used in some pizzas are full of Vitamin K and very helpful for blood coagulation. And the mostly used ingredient, Garlic provide cancer fighting manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and selenium. Garlic can also be used for good digestion and gastric troubles. The Non-vegetarian pizzas with meat are rich in proteins, vitamins, sodium, carbohydrates and other very important minerals required by the body. Some studies show that by consuming pizza you can prevent the risks of cancer and heart diseases.

With all these benefits in a pizza, you can enjoy your favorite dish without any hesitations. Pizza, has already taken all over United States and you can find it almost everywhere. For example: If you live in San Jose, you can find and enjoy all sorts of pizza in San Jose. There are some very nice restaurants in San Jose that provides you with the hygienic and delicious pizzas. For your convenience, you are also offered with fast pizza delivery in San Jose. As a lunch or dinner, you can enjoy your box of pizza in almost any type of gathering of friends and family.

Pizza is global

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So, you are in San Jose, or about to visit the place, you are ready for dinner. In the exquisite menu of the restaurant, you find set of pizzas. You might want to taste one, but you are in dilemma about whether the pizzas are good as Italian pizza. What to do now?
Some might believe that a particular food is not and cannot be of same standards if prepared in a country for whom the food is not its specialty. Therefore, people of such kind may find hard to believe that pizza can be as good, let’s say, in US as in Italy. The country where the pizza is originated, is in an utter knowledge of every intricate part of the pizza; Italy will have an upper hand in making pizza whilst other countries are likely to miss out some ingredients or process. Even today, Italian pizzas are arguably the superior to all the pizzas.
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However, contrasting cases have been found. Pizzas have been established as a global dish. Every country has its unique set of combination of flavor and toppings, which make pizzas different and exotic. Over the years, pizzas have been experimented with hundreds of combinations of crusts, sauce and toppings. For crusts, you will find thick and thin ones whilst for toppings, you will find cheese, pepperoni, chicken, sausage, mushrooms and so on. Moreover, for sauce, taco sauce, mushroom tapenade, hot wing sauce, eggs, and olive oil and rosemary focaccia sauce are often the options in the menu. Hence, though one may not find the pizzas of Italy and US same but one will obviously find that they are exquisite in their own terms.

So if you want to taste a pizza in San Jose, go for it without any doubt. Obviously you won’t fly over to Italy for a day just to eat a pizza (unless you are multi-millionaire!). With pizzerias including so many offers, such as free home delivery, you will most probably find all companies providing fast pizza delivery in SanJose.

History of Pizza

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Pizza is a derived word from Latin, which means flat bread. First created in Naples of Italy in 1889, this delicacy is basically made in round shape, with main ingredients being the flour with myriad toppings. At first, pizza was made as round bread topped with basil, tomato sauce and cheese, so that the mixture of color would resemble the flag of Italy. Ovens, which were fueled by burning woods, were used to bake the first batches of pizzas. It is believed that a dish called ‘Foccocia’ made during the Common Era might have influenced the invention of pizza.

The popularity of pizza up surged drastically that selling pizza became a full time job for pizza makers. Antica pizzeria Port’Alba was the first pizza shop in Italy, which still exists. Italian Pizza, believed to be the superior to all pizzas, is made from San Marzano tomato and is cooked within around one and half minutes after baked in the oven set at about 500 Celsius.
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Gradually, pizzas have been experimented with tons of toppings and flavors. The popularity extended worldwide and US was not an exception. Gennaro Lombardi initiated the first pizzeria from a grocery store in Little Italy, Manhattan. Then began the establishment of pizzerias in US. In every city, pizzerias start to flourish. Pizza in San Jose, Dallas, New York or Boston – you name it! Vendors started vying with each other via varieties of flavors and offers. Offers like free home delivery made pizza more convenient for people. Every pizzerias quickly incorporated such kind of offers; fast pizza delivery in SanJose, Florida, New York and every other cities became common.

Pizzas of today are made in varieties of combinations of crusts, sauce and toppings. Every country is known for its own unique set of flavor and topping combination. To name few, Italian pizza, grilled pizza, thin crust pizza, thick crust pizza, Sicilian pizza, and French bread pizza have been known worldwide.