Monday, July 29, 2013

History of Pizza

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Pizza is a derived word from Latin, which means flat bread. First created in Naples of Italy in 1889, this delicacy is basically made in round shape, with main ingredients being the flour with myriad toppings. At first, pizza was made as round bread topped with basil, tomato sauce and cheese, so that the mixture of color would resemble the flag of Italy. Ovens, which were fueled by burning woods, were used to bake the first batches of pizzas. It is believed that a dish called ‘Foccocia’ made during the Common Era might have influenced the invention of pizza.

The popularity of pizza up surged drastically that selling pizza became a full time job for pizza makers. Antica pizzeria Port’Alba was the first pizza shop in Italy, which still exists. Italian Pizza, believed to be the superior to all pizzas, is made from San Marzano tomato and is cooked within around one and half minutes after baked in the oven set at about 500 Celsius.
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Gradually, pizzas have been experimented with tons of toppings and flavors. The popularity extended worldwide and US was not an exception. Gennaro Lombardi initiated the first pizzeria from a grocery store in Little Italy, Manhattan. Then began the establishment of pizzerias in US. In every city, pizzerias start to flourish. Pizza in San Jose, Dallas, New York or Boston – you name it! Vendors started vying with each other via varieties of flavors and offers. Offers like free home delivery made pizza more convenient for people. Every pizzerias quickly incorporated such kind of offers; fast pizza delivery in SanJose, Florida, New York and every other cities became common.

Pizzas of today are made in varieties of combinations of crusts, sauce and toppings. Every country is known for its own unique set of flavor and topping combination. To name few, Italian pizza, grilled pizza, thin crust pizza, thick crust pizza, Sicilian pizza, and French bread pizza have been known worldwide.

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